Instrument Housings

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Plastics, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium...From shallow waters to 6,000m down!

Once we have your specific requirements, we can recommend materials, enclosure shapes and sealing methods that will best suit your application. For further customization we can also integrate a variety of accessories into your housing, including underwater connectors, glass or acrylic viewports, interior mounting racks, external mounting brackets or pressure release valves...


Most enclosures are unique and require detailed stress analysis in order to validate their design integrity. While it is mostly straightforward to correctly size a housing’s wall thickness and come up with early preliminary design parameters, a sound analysis is crucial in identifying high stress areas due to the interactions of the assembly components.


High stress can appear, for example, due to the deflection of the end cap against the cylindrical housing end. Such stress can only be properly quantified via finite element analysis.


Such analysis/simulations not only allow us to predict the viability of a design but it allows us to improve its design quality, to optimize the product life or simply to save on its overall weight.


Knowledge of design standards and industry practices coupled with an extensive knowledge of material properties and machining technologies makes us a trusted resource for your most difficult design challenges.

Acetal - 200m, 10"ID x 24" Long
Aluminum - 3,000m, 9" ID Sphere
Nylon with Stainless Cap - 200m, 13.25" ID x 16" OD
Aluminum -13.25" ID, 3.75" IL
Aluminum - 2,000m, 3" ID, 12" IL
Titanium with Glass Dome, 6,000m
Acetal, Shallow depth
Aluminum, 2,000m
Aluminum, Shallow depth
PVC & Acrylic, Shallow depth
Titanium Pan&Tilt Weldment
Aluminum - Shallow depth
Stainless Steel - 3,000m