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Collapsible   Design


Our Light trap's collapsible design allows them to be easily stacked on cramped boat decks, making transportation, deployment, and retrieval easier than ever.


The plankton net features high-quality construction and reliable performance. Six 1" diameter funnel shaped openings allow plakton to enter the net, while the 500-micron mesh keeps them from escaping.


Equipped with a bright LED marker and powered with 3 AA alkaline cells, the traps have an autonomy of 50+ hours. They are rated to 300m depth.


The design features easy retrieval of the jar thanks to the threaded cod end. Access to the LED flare is via a Velcro band on the side of the net.


Overall Size: 45" Long x 18" Diameter

Collapsed Size: 10" Long x 18" Diameter

Overall Weight: 5Lbs

Custom Mesh Size Available