August 2011 - Export Achievement Award

Suresh Kumar, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Trade Promotion and Director General of the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service presented the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Export Achievement Certificate to Bellamare LLC of San Diego, which designs custom underwater systems and subsea equipment.

June 2013 Tow-Sled, Client's 1st Deployment:

Roll: 0.3 deg

Pitch: from 1 deg with +/- 2 deg variations

Speed: 3.5 Knots (improved numbers at higher speeds)

Cable tension: 900 Lbs

Depth: reaches 80m depth with 100m of tether out

Altitude goal: to follow ocean contour at 10m altitude

March 2013 ISIIS-2 Deployment in the Red Sea
Jan-June 2013 Enclosures & Tow-wing