Added   Visibility


The upper section is the Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle, while the lower section is your payload...

As a result, sensors are located away from the tether and control surfaces, in undisturbed and unobstructed water flow.


Our vision: one carrier, numerous payloads.



Stability   &   Range   of   Motion


Control surfaces (wings, roll flaps, rudders...) for offset navigation and/or lateral/vertical undulation are easily integrated.

Your platform will be equipped with passive and/or dynamic stabilizers as pitch and roll stability is always a must.

Imaging Systems


            Swath Bathymetry


                    Environmental Studies


                                     Mapping Sonars

"The Fish behaved superbly as we managed hours of undulations: we had no more than 25m of water depth and were continuously profiling up and down!"

Using existing pieces of the puzzle!

We start with your payload and the task at hand. Then, we work together and decide which existing "bricks" we can use: wing assemblies? Active/Passive Roll control? Actuated Rudders?

We like to standardize the actuators and make each motion-control feature a bolt-on assembly.

Wings unit

Roll Motion Stabilizers