Towed Sleds

Simple   &   Versatile


The concept is simple: a frame to mount a variety of instuments and a depressor wing and rudder for stability and control. The result is far from trivial: a stable Fish  that gets the job done!

Profiling is achieved by paying cable in and out to reach the desired depth.




Tailored   &   Custom


Our objective is to offer a proven design, scaled to your needs and tailored to your application.

Select a standard configuration (See below) or contact us to discuss a custom solution.


Robert K. Cowen - RSMAS

The Sled, Ready to Dive...
A custom Fish, on its way...

Dimensions in Inches


Model             Length             Width          Height     Weight


U-Sled-1            87"                   45.5"           49"          212 Lbs


U-Sled-2            45"                    24"             24"          125 Lbs



We mainly do customs:

ask us for a tailored size or configuration


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