Water-column Sampling


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Deployment: 3-trap Sampler


A subsurface buoy is deployed with a cable stop on the mooring line at the desired location for the Mid-water Trap


Divers then descend to the subsurface buoy to install the Mid and Deep-water Traps.


They first secure the Deep-water Trap frame to the underside of the subsurface buoy with a quick release (safety line) before they place a 20lb weight on the Deep-water frame. The release is triggered to let the Deep-water Light Trap and frame descend along the mooring line.  The Deep-water Trap assembly sinks to the bottom, sliding over the cable-stop.


Next, the Mid-water Trap frame is attached to the mooring line, with its Light Trap, and released. The Mid-water Trap frame decends, to the cable-stop, resting there. 


Finally, the Surface Trap is secured to the mooring surface buoy. 


Once the galvanic releases are consumed, the Deep-water Trap ballast weights are jettisoned into the catch basket. The Deep-water Trap starts ascending. Its buoyancy is enough to push along the Mid-water Trap back to surface. Once at surface, a swimmer retrieves all three traps and the mooring is winched back up.

Detailed Views

Light Trap Profiler      Creative and Failproof...


An innovative Water Column Sampling system, developed by Cedric Guigand at RSMAS, deploys BellaMare Light Traps to simultaneously collect specimens at several depths on a single mooring.

               - Easily deploy with divers using standard BellaMare Light Traps

                              - Simple weighted attachment frames

                                             - "Automatic" near-surface recovery via galvanic timed release