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After earning a Master of Science in Marine Biology in 2002 at Florida Tech, Cedric Guigand joined the University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science as a Senior Research Associate. His background in Oceanography and technology, combined with 21 years of experience at sea, led him to produce several innovative marine technologies. He has participated and managed the logistics,procurement on more than 70 scientific research cruises. He is comfortable with a large array of technology and research fields from Marine biology, Physical oceanography, to subsea engineering.


His work on in-situ plankton imaging with Bellemare LLC and UM provided several millions of classified plankton images analyzed using a novel online citizen science approach (Plankton Portal). This approach was later used to improve automated particle classification methods such as deep learning and neural networks. He later contributed to the design and commercialization of a patented biodegradable GPS tracked drifter which now generates lots of interest in the scientific and maritime community.

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