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Charles Cousin received a MSE of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan and did his undergraduate studies, in Ocean Engineering, at Florida Tech, in Melbourne Florida. He started his career in the mesmerizing world of manned submersibles with Seamagine Hydrospace, Corp where he had the opportunities to be trained as a pilot and instructor. He soon was responsible to lead the vehicle production, and then direct the design, fabrication and testing of the company's first 3-man 1,500ft rated submersible. The Triumph, named Deepsee by her owner, has made more than 3,600 to date.

In 2006, Charles co-founded Bellamare to support oceanographers. He is responsible for the design and engineering of various projects over the years. The main developments include ISIIS (Bellamare plankton/particle deep-focus imagers), a dozen multi-sensing underwater tethered vehicles, as well as the CARTHE lagrangian drifter.

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