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Plug-in App for Ocean Data Acquisition Survey Platforms

Bellamare and Sixclear have partnered to provide a plug-in, modular architecture framework that allows to quickly create new instruments/vehicles interface.


Pair this capability with our expertise in telemetry to launch a new, or reconfigure an existing ROTV, or environmental platform.

Telemetry cards with:

16 Serial Channels

8 GigE Ethernet ports

Converted to:

1 multiplexed fiber-optic channel

with up to 5 Gbits/sec throughput

Your custom user-interface allows you to:

Log all data from your instruments serial instruments

Add a 32 channels Analog/digital converter for your analog instruments

Display the upcoming data in chart form

Interface any complex payload (such as sonars) with their dedicated software using independent communication ports

Control Serial relay board to turn power on/off to instruments

Control motors or linear actuators

Display vehicle flight path and attitude

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