BoxKite Control Station

Dual ISIIS Sled

May 2022

First Scientific Surveys. A view of the Control screens of the BoxKite ROTV.

12 hours of undulations from 10 to 150m as its maiden deployment.

Towed Sled SKIO.jpg

Towed Sled

November 2021

Small Sled with Fiber-Optic telemetry and our VIPF user interface, It can integrate 1 GigE camera and up to 8 serial instruments. It is fitted with one ISIIS imager, Oxygen optode, Fluorometer, CPICS, Altimeter and Inclinometer

Stereo Camera.PNG

Stereo Cam

July 2021

Our new underwater stereo camera concept with the goal to provide a lower cost solution using existing and proven hardware. 



May 2021

Telemetry Bottle: capable of 625MB/sec over fiber-optic. It has 16 serial ports and 8 GigE ports.
The best part: its plug-in software that allows for rapid configuration and acquisition of instruments

Scale Model.jpg

Scale Model

April 2021

Scale Model Testing in progress. Design iterations are tested and improvements made. Early tests often happened in a pool, while later, more realistic tests are performed from small boats.

Aquaculture ISIIS DPI.jpg


January 2021

A prototype ISIIS build for testing monitoring applications for the aquaculture industry



December 2020

Our integration of a dynamic inclinometer (Pitch & Roll), Altimeter, pressure sensor and a spinning wheel for approx. water speed measurement.
Data is gather by an Arduino and sent via RS232

Harris Stereo Camera.jpg

Stereo Cam

June 2020

Two sets of gigE stereo cameras

Bellamare Titanium Enclosure.jpg

Ti Enclosure

2018 Oldie but gooddie

6 large diameter titanium 6AL4V enclosures


Dual ISIIS Sled

April 2022

BoxKite ROTV delivery and commissioning. The vehicle has 3 gigE cameras, 13 oceanographic sensors, 1 bio-acoustic sonar, and 3 control surfaces actuators for flight automation.

Up to 600MB/sec of data

Bellamare Silhouette Imager.jpg

Silhouette Imager

September 2021

Manufacturing of two silhouette imagers for the study of crude oil plumes in a lab environment. We're using a telecentric lens with a gigE camera and a very high lumen output led array projector.



June 2021

We've completed the first Sea-Trials of the ROTV in beautiful Alaska and the first 20+hours of plankton images were recorded. 

Wings Weldment.jpg



Fabrication progress: Wing Frame Weldment.

IMG_5694 (1).jpg


April 2021

This ISIIS camera will be used for waterways monitoring in California.
It is fitted onboard a pontoon boat

Small Cable Reel.jpg

Cable Reel

December 2020

Portable swiveling Cable Reel. A battery powered reel that can be used for tether management of small sleds or rovs

Boreoscope Navy Diver Enclosure.PNG


December 2020

A navy diver frame and enclosure to integrate an inspection boreoscope

Optimal Ranging Orion Sens.jpg


May 2020

Manufacturer product update: new generation magnetic sensor housing

Dual ISIIS Sled.jpg

Dual ISIIS Sled

February 2022

Dual ISIIS Sled equipped with two ISIIS plankton imagers, a LISST, Nitrate, Oxygen, pH, Fluorometer, Irradiance sensors as well as a Flowmeter, inclinometer and altimeter.

Acetal Enclosures.jpg


July - August 2021

A total of 30 enclosures were delivered to our clients: 14 acetal enclosures for shallow mooring applications and 26 spherical enclosures housing inductive and magnetic sensors.

IMG_6202 (3).jpg


June 2021

Headed to its new home soon


ROTV Design

May 2021

Final Design for our newest ROTV. Delivery is scheduled in June

ISIIS DPI Controller and Logger.jpg


March 2021

The logger controls and record images from an ISIIS camera made for the purpose to study ocean-spray. It will be deployed off the coast of California and mounted onto a large weather buoy.

Coastal ISIIS Sled.jpg


December 2020

A small sled fitted with a failry large ISIIS camera, CTD, Oxygen sensor, Eco Fluorometer and our Nav-Box.
It will be used for shallow coastal surveys in about 50m of water.

Aluminum Enclosure 11ID24L.jpg


October 2020

A 11"ID x 24" IL hard anodized aluminum enclosure


Deep SLed

August 2019

Delivery of our ISIIS 1,000m rated sled to WHOI